Work in Progress

This year in March , our store in Brasschaat turns 19 ! Time to refresh our interior again . At the end of 2017 we already revamped the exterior from crisp white to a dark petrol blue and our 4 pillars got painted in different varieties of marble by the talented Catherine Willems. Inspiration came from the magnificent floor of Sketch in London. A new sunscreen was added in matching color. Check here for more details of the exterior works.

Part 2 started the weekend of New Year with the floor turning white (with a touch of old rose) ! As it was black all the time , you can imagine the difference in “lighten up” the store’s interior ! The painting will be spread over 4 weeks as it takes 2 primer and 2 colored layers.

Fitting rooms en turning the lightning into leds are next. To be continued ….

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